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Cornelian Bay

Cornelian Bay Cemetery gate hours - 8am to 8pm Daylight Saving months

                                                                    8am to 6pm other months


“A memorial is an extremely valuable and essential link between the past and the future.”

Memories are precious and should be shared with future generations. A memorial is an item of beauty and great dignity which provides a focus for grieving and a point of reference to a person’s entire existence.

Millingtons offers a comprehensive range of memorial options, for lawns, garden sites, feature gardens and niche walls. All memorials have the same essential purpose and that is to provide a permanent symbol of remembrance.

Inscriptions on memorials can record all sorts of information including achievements, services and lifestyle. This information is valuable for future generations as well as a historical record.

Various sizes and designs are available to you with an extensive library of motifs, emblems, borders and badges. Traditionally plaques have a brown lacquer finish but the option for coloured backgrounds is available to you.

Garden memorials are set onto plinths and placed throughout the cemetery at various memorial gardens.

Please contact our office for a full range of products and services available to you and your family, or view our Memorial brochure here.

Derwent Gardens

With wide and beautiful views towards the River Derwent, the area offers a multitude of styles for cremation memorial placements set among lawns, trees and flowering gardens. We can offer you the simplicity of niche wall placements or perhaps a traditional rose garden memorial is more to your liking.

Parklands is featured within Derwent Gardens and offers spectacular panoramic views. This peaceful site for reflection is the perfect place to memorialize your loved one. Parklands offer individual family sites which have unlimited placements for cremated remains, Bronze Plaques are set onto natural stone or plinths of your choice.

Wellington Gardens

Wellington Gardens is an area which provides a tranquil resting place for loved ones. Facing the mountain, the beautiful gardens feature roses, daffodils, conifers, lawns and the peaceful, reflective sound of water. The area offers niche walls and memorial plaques on garden plinths.

Circle of Friends

This tranquil garden with water features is set amongst the burial sites at Cornelian Bay. Commemorative plaques can be placed at this garden for those who’s cremated remains have been scattered or placed elsewhere. It offers you the ability to visit and reflect on the memories of those we have lost.

Cornelian Walk

Sites are available in Cornelian Walk, which is situated in a natural bush setting with water features. Bronze memorial plaques are fixed to natural stone and set among peaceful and attractive landscaped bushland with flowers, bush paths and the serenity of flowing water.

Fountain Court

This small and private area just situated off to the side of Wellington Gardens provide niche wall and memorial placements on garden plinths, with roses and the calming ambience of a water fountain.

Burial Crypts

Within the gardens of historic Cornelian Bay Cemetery, surrounded by the Derwent River and overlooked by Mount Wellington, are the Cornelian Bay Crypts.

A unique and increasingly popular option, offering both single and companion crypts, each purchase includes the granite panel for inscription memorialisation, two flower tribute vases, eternal flame and a ceramic portrait frames.

Burials Sites

Burial sites at Cornelian Bay Cemetery are plentiful. Monumental grave areas are usually divided into Religion or Nationality and provide for a commemorative bronze plaque or a granite burial monument to be placed on the grave.

Graves are available as single, double or triple depth options. When arranging the first internment you may wish to consider future interments to ensure the grave is dug to the required depth.

Graves in the monumental lawn areas are located amongst established landscaped gardens within a peaceful ambience overlooking Mount Wellington. This area offers the simplicity of a lawn setting with the crafted elegance of an enduring headstone monument. Further development on this site at Cornelian Bay is to commence in 2010 to meet the communities growing needs. Download our Monumental brochure here.