There are a number of reasons that people choose to pre-pay and pre-arrange their own funeral. It offers the chance to say goodbye in a way that ‘celebrates you’ and removes much of the burdening decision making and expense from those you love. Important benefits include:

  • Making a difficult time easier for loved ones by expediting the arrangement process
  • Looking after loved ones financially by contributing to your funeral costs with a pre-paid bond
  • By pre-paying, your pension or income is unaffected with the amount paid not considered part of your assets
  • Provides the family time to think and reflect, rather than tending to every detail

Who should know about your pre-paid funeral?

Some people feel comfortable discussing funeral plans with their spouse, adult children or other family members. Others, prefer to make arrangements directly with Millingtons in complete confidence. We recommend that if immediate family are not informed, a trusted friend, solicitor or executor be notified.

Read about Funeral Insurance and if you have pre-paid questions you’re welcome to talk with one of our funeral directors by calling 6211 4888.