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Choosing a coffin or casket can be a difficult process and Millingtons understand this. We’ll walk you through the process, making sure you understand options available. Millingtons is unique in that we manufacture our own coffins, and always have done in our Hobart factory. This allows us to further personalise the service for your loved one.

There are plenty of ways that a coffin can be customised – whether that be a favourite colour or perhaps an eco-friendly coffin with rope handles, suitable for a bush-land burial at Kingston Cemetery. We’ll talk you through the choices and can show you a range of our handcrafted coffins and caskets.

Tasmanian Blackwood Dome


The finest casket we have available is hand-crafted from locally sourced solid Tasmanian blackwood.

The carpenters spend over 20 hours constructing this premium product.

It is completed with matching full-length timber handles with brass hinges and has a fully upholstered padded satin interior.

The lid is secured by key which can be given to you as a keepsake.

Grecian Urn Rosewood

The Grecian urn is a very popular choice for clients wanting a traditional casket style. It is constructed from solid pine and coloured in high gloss rosewood. The interior is fully upholstered in padded satin, including the full-length hinged lid.



The Devon is the entry level casket in the premium range.

It is solid pine in construction and coloured in gloss walnut.

It is upholstered in padded satin and has six matching timber handles with silver coloured back plates.

Davidson Sapelle


This coffin is constructed from solid sapelle timber, which has a rich and warm appearance.

The six imported Italian brass handles suit the colour of the timber perfectly and contribute to the overall exceptional quality of this coffin.

Its unique lid clasps complement the dome feature of the lid design.

It is upholstered in premium satin.

Denman Cedar


Crafted from solid cedar timber with a multi-tiered lid design.

The gold coloured swing bar timber handles are framed within the routed panels.

This coffin is a very elegant design and high quality in appearance.

It is fully upholstered in premium quality satin.

The lid is secured by six thumbscrews and escutcheon plates.



Hand crafted from solid American Oak, this coffin has a double-tier lid.

Its overall appearance reflects the robust timber and craftsmanship involved.

It is upholstered in high quality satin.

Six high quality bronze coloured metal handles add to the impressive appearance of this coffin.



Hand crafted from solid Tasmanian blackwood, this coffin has a single-tier lid.

Its overall appearance reflects the craftsmanship involved.

It is upholstered in high quality satin.

Six high quality gold coloured handles enhance to the impressive appearance of this coffin.



This solid radiata pine coffin is simple in appearance but retains a high quality of craftsmanship.

It is finished in a low-sheen clear stain to show the unique grain in the timber.

It is upholstered in quality satin, and six gold coloured handles enhance the quality.



The eco coffin is for the environmentally conscious client. It is crafted from sustainable plantation solid pine which is left untreated to retain its natural qualities. It is lined in a biodegradable calico material.

The rope handles keep this coffin completely natural.

This coffin is available for all our clients but is recommended for burial within the Bushland Burial Section of our Kingston Cemetery.



The Wicker Casket is made with the Bushland Burial Section of our Kingston Cemetery in mind.

This coffin provides an absolute minimum environmental impact and is fully biodegradable.

It is lined in simple cotton and calico drapery and has rope handles.



Crafted double-tier lid

Rosewood colour in high gloss finish

Tailored satin liner

Quality silver coloured handles with matching colour timber bars

Thumbscrews and escutcheon plates



Single-raised lid design

Gloss white colour

Quality swing bar, gold coloured handles

Matching thumbscrews and escutcheon plates

High quality white satin lined


Prices start from $2600

Something for the dedicated footy fan.

A unique coffin made to order in your team colours with the team logo.

Lined in high quality cotton.



Single-raised lid

Rosewood colour

High-gloss finish

Satin liner

Six handles

Four thumbscrews and escutcheon plates



Flat lid

Maple colour

Gloss finish

Four plastic handles

Cotton liner



Flat lid

Baltic colour

Matte finish

Four plastic handles

Cotton liner

Creating the tribute your loved-one deserves.

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