When a loved one dies, it’s natural to be overcome with emotion. Those first 24 hours can feel overwhelming, but it’s also a time when decisions need to be made. At Millingtons we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year for you – just call 6211 4888 and we’ll talk you through the necessary steps.

There are two categories – reportable death and non-reportable death. In either case you can still contact Millingtons to guide you through the process. If your loved one dies suddenly in unexpected circumstances or in a violent or unnatural manner, then the death must be reported to the police. There may be an autopsy to establish the cause of death and the Coroner may become involved. This is a reportable death. The necessary documentation to allow the funeral to go ahead will be completed by the coroner.

However if your loved one dies in hospital or has been seeing a doctor regularly (as is the case with many elderly people) the death is a non-reportable death. The doctor attending will immediately complete the necessary documentation to allow the arrangements for the funeral to go ahead.

What do I need to know?

To help us work through the official documentation and requirements, we’ll need to know a few things about your loved one before we move into the funeral arrangement. These include:

  • Full name, address, and age of yourself and loved one
  • Place of death
  • Whether a doctor has attended and his/her contact details
  • Death certificate – we can facilitate this if one has not been issued
  • Whether there is a pre-arranged funeral plan.

For more tips, download the ‘Needing help after someone has died’ booklet, read the frequently asked questions or call 6211 4888.

What we’ll do?

Once we hear from you, we’ll take care of the details including:

  • Private ambulance transfer of your loved one into our care (on call 24 hrs)
  • Legal requirements and all necessary documentation
  • Liaising with clergy or celebrant and coordinating requirements for all denominations
  • Arrange and conduct the funeral/celebration of your loved one’s life

Why have a funeral?

A funeral is for the living. It is a chance for you, your family and friends to come together to mourn the loss, but most importantly to celebrate the life of your loved one. It is an opportunity to remember the person’s life and achievements, and to say goodbye in a way that feels appropriate to you. Funerals can give strength, allowing bereaved family and friends to accept the death, express emotions and begin preparing for the future.