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Funeral Directors | Millingtons Cemeteries

As one of Tasmania’s oldest funeral companies, Millingtons have helped our community say goodbye for nearly a century. We understand that times of loss require compassion and tailored professionalism- to say farewell in a way as individual as your loved one.

We are the only company in southern Tasmania to own cemeteries, two funeral homes and two onsite crematoriums. We provide a full suite of services including coffin manufacture and stone masonry from our Hobart base. Our commitment to you begins with the first phone call and can span weeks, months and even years through the annual memorial services we provide our community.

Let us help celebrate the life of your loved one. In our hands, you’ll know our care.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Millingtons

Millingtons remained in the one family for over 90 years. This allowed the family traditions and culture to be passed on since its inception in 1925 with Mr. Harold Millington as sole owner. The company then moved to the hands of Mr. Millington’s son-in-law Christian Fuglsang and daughter Betty Fuglsang before being owned by their two sons, Peter and Christopher Fuglsang.

After the death of Peter Fuglsang on 26 December 2012, his share of the business passed to his wife Vivien who, along with Christopher and his wife, Dianne Fuglsang, owned the business until selling in late 2015.

The day-to-day operations of the business are managed Travis Tann as General Manager.