East Risdon Cemetery

East Risdon Cemetery is located about a 20 minute drive from Hobart on the Eastern Shore.

The historical cemetery is set across an intimate 0.8 hectares and provides a rural setting with River Derwent views. Significant restoration of the grounds include the construction and design of a memorial garden bed site which surrounds the existing niche wall.

Gate Hours:
Access available 24 hours


Memories are a precious gift from those we have loved and can be passed on to future generations. Often people find that a memorial provides a focus – a symbol of remembrance. Millingtons have a range of memorial options native garden sites and niche walls.

Inscriptions on memorials can record information such as achievements and services, becoming a valuable historical record for future generations. Various sizes and designs are available to you with an extensive library of motifs, emblems, borders and badges. Traditionally, plaques have a brown lacquer finish but coloured options are available.

Garden memorials are set onto plinths and placed throughout the cemetery. Feel free to contact Millingtons to see our full range of memorials.

Burial Sites

Burial sites at East Risdon Cemetery are available and may be purchased at need or can be pre-paid for your convenience.

Graves are available as single or double depth options. When arranging the first interment you may wish to consider the second.

Creating the tribute your loved-one deserves.

Has a death occured or are you organising funeral arrangements ahead of time? Let us assist you.

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