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Once the funeral has concluded, we are still here to help you

If you are the executor of a will, Millingtons will guide you through the necessary steps and we can also point you in the direction of bereavement support groups.

For some, the funeral might feel like a blur where arrangements are made on ‘auto pilot.’ Sometimes this means that the experience of grief sets in well after the funeral. Millingtons understand that everybody feels grief differently and there are no set rules as to the way or length that an individual may grieve.

Find out about support groups available, raising the subject of death with children and how to help those close to you during the grieving process. At Millingtons we believe our support does not conclude with the funeral. That’s why we are committed to annual community events and memorials and ongoing support for you and your family.

Executor Information

The Experience of Grief

Helping Grieving People

Bereavement Support Groups

Children and the Subject of Death

Millingtons Memorial Services

Creating the tribute your loved-one deserves.

Has a death occured or are you organising funeral arrangements ahead of time? Let us assist you.

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