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Funeral Options

An opportunity to share a loved one’s life

At Millingtons we believe that a funeral is a very special occasion- an opportunity to celebrate and share in the memories of a loved one’s life. Arrangement of a funeral can take place at a time and location most convenient for you. At this stage, we can talk you through the finer details of the funeral, listen to your suggestions and answer any questions.

During the arrangement process we try to ensure you have one point of contact. Millingtons is in a unique position to provide every option in funeral and cemetery services within a single company, meaning no extra phone calls. We’ll take care of every step, no matter where you are in Tasmania.

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Details of the funeral to consider

Millingtons will take care of registering the death with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and complete documentation relating to burial or cremation so that you can focus on the funeral itself.

We consider every funeral to be a reflection of an individual, and are committed to tailoring a service to your loved one. You might like to consider the following:

Burial or cremation

When/Where the funeral will be held

Viewing of your loved one

Religious or Civil Service

Music, Poems and Readings

Order of Service Booklets

Selection of Coffin or Casket

Family/friends involvement in the service

A personal Eulogy

RSL, Masonic or other organisations involvement

Clothing for you loved one or items placed in coffin

Any multi-media presentation (photos, music)

Any online memorial or e-tributes

Newspaper notices

Catering after the service at Millingtons facilities

Placement of ashes or monumental work for the grave

There is a lot to think about, but Millingtons is always there to help. Our staff can help you with all of the arrangements. At Millingtons we believe a funeral is about the person who has died, but is for the living. It is a chance for you, your family and friends to come together to mourn the loss but most importantly to celebrate the life of your loved one.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do I need to do as soon as death occurs?

This can be a very emotional time, so sometimes it’s best to call someone close to you first. Following this, give the doctor of your loved one a call. If the death has occurred in a hospital or nursing home, the staff can do this on your behalf.

Once the doctor has been and confirmed the death, you can then contact a funeral home such as Millingtons, and we’ll transfer your loved one into our care. If you’d like some private time, this does not have to be done immediately. You can call us any time of day or night on 6211 4888.

2. What if my loved one dies in hospital or a nursing home?

If your loved one dies in a public hospital, the staff will likely complete the paperwork required for issuing a Death Certificate. It is up to the family, however, to choose and contact a funeral home who will then transport your loved one into their care. If the death occurs in a nursing home or private hospital, staff will typically make contact with next of kin once the death has been confirmed. As with public hospitals, it is then up to your family to select a funeral home and make contact.

3. Who issues a Death Certificate?

A Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is issued by a doctor. This document allows the funeral to proceed and is used by the funeral director to register the death with the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages. The registrar can then issue a Certificate of Death registration. It is the Certificate of Death Registration that will be required for legal and estate proceedings. To receive this an application must be made and a fee from the department is applied. The funeral director can apply on your behalf and add this to your funeral invoice, or it can be done by the next of kin at any Service Tasmania office.

4. How long between death and a burial or cremation?

The length of time varies, depending on circumstances around the death and what instructions are given. There is no right or wrong. It’s important to take as long as you need and Millingtons can help you through this timing process.

5. What happens if death occurs away from home?

Millingtons can help you, regardless of whether your loved one has died locally in Tasmania, interstate or overseas. We can assist with bringing your loved one back to their country of origin by working closely with Australian Government Departments and the Consulate General of the country where death occurred.

6. When is a Coroner required?

In certain instances, a doctor may not be able to ascertain the cause of death and must refer the death to the coroner. It is not possible to object to this process, however if you have religious or other objections to a post mortem, it’s important to let the coroner know this.

Examples of when a coroner is required include death other than by natural causes including violence, accidental or unusual causes.

7. Who arranges a funeral?

The funeral is arranged and authorised by The Senior Next of Kin. This is outlined in the Burial and Crenation Act 2019, Part 1, Section 6, Meaning of Senior Next of Kin.

If the Senior Next of Kin is not available in person or via phone or email, there are processes in place where they can “handover” to the next available person as defined in the Act. Millingtons only take funeral instructions, and changes to any instructions or arrangements, from the person acting in the role as Senior Next of Kin as defined in the Act and whom has signed our Consent forms.

8. What is embalming?

Embalming is a chemical treatment used to sanitise and preserve the body. Millingtons have qualified embalmers onsite, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about the process. Embalming is often required when there is a longer period between death and a funeral, when the deceased needs to be transferred interstate or overseas, or to improve the appearance of the deceased for a viewing.

9. Are viewings necessary?

Choosing to view your loved one is a personal decision. Viewings are typically held at our Mornington or Moonah Chapels where our staff are available to support you through this.  A viewing is an opportunity for final goodbyes and is recognised by professionals to be an important part of the grieving process.

10. How is a coffin different from a casket?

In Australian terms, a coffin is typically made of wood and reflects the shape of a body with broader width at the shoulders and narrower dimensions at the feet. Coffins usually have a lid that can be fully removed. In contrast, a casket is made from wood or metal, and is rectangular in shape with a hinged lid.

11. What is pre-paid funeral?

A pre-paid funeral is the option to arrange and pay for a funeral service in advance. This provides the opportunity to personalise a service and celebrate in a way that reflects your own wishes. It also relieves the decision making and financial burden from your family. The funeral can be paid upfront or in regular instalments. Some people like to discuss funeral arrangements with their spouse or family, while others might choose to talk confidentially with Millingtons.

12. How much does a funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral can vary depending on the type of funeral service, whether a burial or cremation is preferred, the style of coffin or casket, the cost of the grave or urn, and fees for professionals and other service providers involved in the funeral (ie. flowers, newspaper notices or celebrant). Millingtons are happy to discuss options relating to costs during your initial meeting with us.

13. How does a funeral service differ from a memorial service?

At a funeral service, the deceased is in attendance and for a memorial service this is not the case. A memorial service is often chosen when a body is not recoverable, a loved one dies away from home or a burial/cremation has already taken place.

Creating the tribute your loved-one deserves.

Has a death occured or are you organising funeral arrangements ahead of time? Let us assist you.

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