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The Experience of Grief

Grief is a natural response to losing a loved one.

It is normal to grieve when you lose someone close and this grief can present in emotional and physical ways. You might feel numbness, disbelief, a racing heartbeat, anger, sadness, despair and guilt.

The experience of grief is different for every individual, and so too is the length of time associated with grief. For some, grief might last months, for others, years can pass by. The sense of loss may never fully leave you, but grief often does ease with time.

The complex emotions felt are a direct result of having loved. Here at Millingtons, we understand this. At first you may feel disbelief at a loved one’s death and want to deny that it’s occurred. As the reality sinks in, other emotions can surface such as anger. Often this can be misdirected at family members or difficult to manage, but if you or someone is feeling angry it’s important to acknowledge this by talking and listening.

Give yourself time to experience grief and understand that those around you will feel it differently. There are no rules as to how one moves through it, but know that Millingtons are here for you and we understand the complexities of grieving.

Creating the tribute your loved-one deserves.

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