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1. What is included in a Pre-paid Funeral Plan?
The plan can be tailored to your wishes, but you might like to consider things like the type of funeral service, viewing, burial or cremation, type of coffin or casket, minister or celebrant, memorial booklet, music, flowers, death notices etc.
2. Do I need to pay in a lump sum?
There are two options to pay for your funeral in advance with Millingtons. You can pay in a lump sum or pay by instalments which can be arranged through direct debit or similar.
3. What if I move?
If you move interstate, we can help you transfer your plan to another funeral company. However, we cannot always guarantee that prices will remain the same in other countries or cities. The funds remain in the same secure investment, but can be accessed by the new funeral company when required.
4. Why can’t I just save it in my bank account?
It is possible to set aside funds for your funeral in a private bank account. However, this account is considered an asset and may affect your pension where as a pre-paid funeral is not included as an asset therefore does not affect your pension or Centrelink payments up to a certain amount.

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